Female Tamil Short Film

Female Tamil Short Film| Nakshatra | 10 International Awards| Male Domination| A Karthik Siva Film

The Film, “Female Tamil Short Film” starring Nakshathra Nagesh and written and directed by Karthik Siva is a family sentimental story of a female social activist and a City Collector, Lakshmi Chandrasekar IAS who had been raised up under the circumstances of patriarchy shown by her father who let his son do whatever he desired but not his daughter since he had been very cautious on her.

Finally, He rejected her love proposal too & got her married to his friend’s son who was from USA.

After the marriage, how her husband treated her and what were the unexpected things happened in her life & what was the decision she had taken to relieve and to achieve her goals is the following story of the Film, Female.

இந்த விடீயோவையும் பாருங்க : NON VEG (18+) | Adult Romantic Thriller Shortfilm | Tamil Short Film

Project || Short Film
Duration || 46 Min 38 Sec
Language || Tamil
Subtitles || English
Cast || Nakshathra Nages, Dayalan, Ramkumar Palani, Karthik Siva, Jaya Swaminathan, Sri, Amutha, Mani Kvs, Karthik, Melvin, Madumitha, Keralin, Immanuvel, Anisha
Music || Pathmayan Siva
Cinematography || Arun K Supran
Editing || Nilanthan S
DI Colorist || Prince D
Vfx || Subraja Devarkonda
Sfx || Arun Kumar & Kavin M
Art Director || Karthik Siva
Costumes || Karthik Siva
Makeup || Gobi
Publicity Designs || Jathu FX
Co- Produced by || Anutharan S
Produced By || N. Sivaruban & Karthik Siva
Production Banner || KS Media
Written & Directed by || Karthik Siva D.f.m

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