Kambalipoochi Tamil Short Film

Kambalipoochi Tamil Short Film

Some incidents can change your life forever and for the ones around you. #Kamabalipoochi is the story of a young woman’s struggle with a deeply set experience that cannot be reversed. The events that took place during her school years have travelled with her and still influence her in her adult life. A sexual predator that returns to her life in a different setting is forced to face the reality of his actions as she reminds him of the battles she’s fought within herself over the years.

Cast : #Indhuja & Ravi
Concept & Produced By : Jenson Singarajah
Directed By Bala
Executive Producer : Muralikrisha Malipatti

DOP : Jenson Singarajah
Music : Sundaramurthy KS
Editing : Bala
Sound effects Subbu Siva – Wav Studio
Art Director : Jeykumar Kumaran
Associate camera : Nijai
Asst directors : Abinanthan srineevasan Prabhu Jeyaram Sridhar Thangavel RKG Radhakrishnan
Muthu Karthik Murugan
Editor Report : Kavya Suresh
CG : Muthu
Animation : Sanjay kumar
Color : Dineth
Special Thanks to MK Mani Writer

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