Rajaganapathy Sivaangi Mashup Songs

Rajaganapathy Sivaangi Mashup Songs

#Stayhome and Enjoy My new collab featuring Sivaangi (Cooku with Comali Fame) & as musicians we tried our best to entertain you all from sitting in home and pulling this New vs Old songs Tamil mashup out for you all. If you Liked our efforts Do Share & Subscribe.

இந்த விடீயோவையும் பாருங்க : Quarantine Mashup | Antakshari | Joshua Aaron ft Nithyashree,Srinisha,Aajeedh,Ahmed Meeran,Aishwerya

Vocals – Rajaganapathy & Sivaangi
Music Production – Rajaganapathy
Additional Music & Mix Master – Allan Preetham
Dop – Ganesh Raj
Cuts – Sanjay Sooriya
#sivaangi #rajaganapathy #quarantinemashup

இந்த விடீயோவையும் பாருங்க : Yaa Nabi – Yuvan Shankar Raja ft. Rizwan | U1 Records


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